When buying bags, does it matter to you if they are handmade?

Today it’s very difficult to find a handmade bag. The totally of the bags are made in series by machine, also the very expensive one of the luxury brands.

The market of handmade is moving forward, some new brands understood that was important to come back at roots and to distinguish from big brands have to something different in terms of quality of the product and in terms of business model.


These are the way to choose a hand bag for every day use

Your everyday bag will depend on the following:

  • Your Lifestyle:

Do you go to work, to school? Do you work at home? Generally, if you work for a straight-laced company, you probably need to invest in a sturdy bag that would hold both your laptop, paperwork and personal items.

You can use a tote bag. For school, a backpack or tote would work.

Your Comfort Level:

You will want a bag that you feel comfortable wearing. Do you tend to use your hand? Then a cross body bag would probably be best. If you prefer holding your bag in your hand, then consider a top handle bag.

Your Material Preference:

Do you like hard structured bags? Leather bags or slouchy bags? Consider how it would feel if you’re going to be wearing it every day.


The Visual Appeal:

You will want a bag you won’t get tired looking at everyday so get a bag you really like.

The Price:

If it’s going to be an everyday bag, expect some wear and tear to occur. Be sure you’re comfortable paying for the bag you’re getting. There is no point paying thousands of Taka for a bag and babying it or getting anxious over every little scratch.

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